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The Nez Perce Project

Fr. Joseph Marie Cataldo, S.J., was among the Jesuit missionaries to the Pacific Northwest in the mid-nineteenth century. The Nez Perce Tribe in particular had his devotion. He translated into Nez Perce the Gospels as well as numerous prayers and hymns, some of which have lived to the present day in the memory of members of the Tribe. His translation work exemplified putting reason in service to faith, learning the culture and language of the people he served well enough to bring into it central texts of the faith. To facilitate the learning of the Nez Perce language, the Faith and Reason Institute has launched the Nez Perce Project.


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The Nez Perce Hymnal related links: 

Powerpoint by Dr. Catherine Tkacz: Kum Anieuat

Video Recording of "Kum Anieuat" Presentation
September 12, 2012, Gonzaga University 

Online Version of the 2008 Cowles Rare Book Display

Catherine Brown Tkacz, "The Oldest Native American Songs in North America: The Nez Perce Hymns of Father Cataldo," The Gonzaga Witness (2012) 31-33 

Coming Soon: "Nunim Pist:Prayers in Nez Perce." A Presentation by Dr. Catherine Brown Tkacz, April 2013. 

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